When it comes to advertising and marketing Cannabis-related products and services, nobody in the media industry can beat the knowledge, experience, and know-how of John Graziano and Max Media.

In 2012, John recognized that Cannabis was medicine.  He looked into the antiquated Marijuana laws, and soon realized that they were headed for change.  John consumed all the materiel he found on the subject and decided that Cannabis laws would certainly be overturned, allowing for its legal use both as medicine as well as recreationally for adults, much like alcoholic beverages.   He came to the conclusion that Cannabis and Cannabis-related products and services would soon flourish in the general consumer marketplace.  And those companies would need advertising to launch, grow, and dominate in the field.  John quickly decided to get in first and learn more about marketing this next business “goldrush” before anyone else.

Max Media has spent the last 6 years investigating, researching, proposing, and quarreling with TV and Radio media outlets in order to obtain the needed approvals to air Cannabis-related commercials.  We have worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Broadcast Networks, as well as every major Cable Operator, Cable Channel, Dish and DirecTV, plus Radio Stations and Networks across the country.  We have literally argued with the legal teams at the major TV Networks, Spectrum, Verizon, Comcast, Cox and other Cable TV providers to allow for mature and responsible advertising.  We have been diligent, persistent, and thorough in presenting our clients and their campaigns, and in getting the job done for them; all against much scaredy-cat media resistance and baseless refusals.

Max Media is the first ad agency to bring Cannabis advertising to major media outlets.  We were first to run TV spots on CBS and ABC TV affiliate stations and Local Cable systems.  Max Media is also bringing feature Prime-Time Cannabis programming to major Cable TV Networks.  We have a number of Cannabis-content programs in development and distribution. Additionally, Max Media handles the marketing and advertising for a number of high-profile Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD products and services companies.  We keep these clients confidential, but can share our background, experience and expertise in handling them with you in private NDA conversations.

Note:  This is a new and fast-growing sector in the advertising field.  Lots of new people and companies are now climbing on the bandwagon.  They think they know how.  But none have the longevity and track record of Max Media.  In fact, many of these new entries into the field are really just flaky people who are more interested in the buzzing category than in making ad campaigns successful for clients.  At Max Media, we are not pot-smoking hippies looking for work.  We are advertising professionals who know the field, know the rules and regulations, prescribe the proper use of media, and create messages to motivate the confused mass of eager consumers.

If you are in the Cannabis business, you should consult with John Graziano and the team at Max Media before you waste time, spins your wheels, lose money, and fail miserably.  This is serious business.  We are not those inexperienced dreamers hoping for a break.  We are proven pros who are seriously committed to making our clients stand out and succeed in what has become a wild, highly competitive, and hugely profitable business.

The time has come.  We are leading the way.  Let us show you how.