CannaTech Network Claimed


Peer review and Accountability in CannaTech! 

Partnerships only. NO competition. 

Let’s Grow Together!

Seed-to-sales and Veg-to-flower.

Turnkey-CannaTech-Software and custom-craft-Construction! 

The network of trustworthy, qualified, Canna-people, and Canna-Solutions.


Since our inception into the Cannabis Industry in 2018, we have developed core relationships with critical assets that add value to today’s investor, business owner, and operations management team for all facets of a Cannabis business.  

It’s a #CannaWeHelpYou mentality.  



– Grow lighting

– Commercial LED lighting

– Cultivator recommendations or search

– IT, Cabling, Wiring, WiFi, Internet, Manage Controls, Security

– POS, SAAS, CRM, Cloud, Hosted IP, SDWAN

– Construction design & build resources

– Project Management

– Referral programs

– Engineering, electrical, and Design

– Cannabis waste recycling

– Energy management and back-up storage

– Augmented Reality and Marketing 

– Experienced Cannabis Industry professional resources

– Equipment leasing

– Education on the best options for the budget

We are not here to dominate or take over. We came in eager to learn, listen, and support. Combined we have over 40 years of work experience. We will make the connections between the good “suits” and the good “birks” at all ends of the spectrum. Collaboration and alliance at all levels and all demographics. Creative-compassionate-technology-collaborations. Technology must be harmonious with nature. We can do this better. We can be about something bigger than profit. 

We the people are a grassroots community, a like-minded alliance, Warning ⚠ the public of bad practice, Walmart grows, and Exclusive monopolies.

We like craft and care and co-op!


The green rush cannot be for the rich alone! 

This is the Network of everything CannaTech! Turnkey-CannaTech-Software, solutions, and custom-craft-Construction!