FLURA, Inc. Claimed



FLURA is a hemp cultivation company specializing in medical-grade hemp seed genetics and large-scale hemp farming. We are excited to offer our Class C Preferred Shares to raise the capital necessary to expand our extraction and greenhouse operations.

We have planted approximately 550 acres of numerous high-quality hemp strains in Oregon and plan to cultivate up to 1,100 acres by the end of the 2019 planting season. We project producing 150 pounds of non-feminized seeds and 400 pounds of Feminized seeds in 2019.  In 2020, we anticipate ramping up production to approximately 4,000 pounds of non-feminized seeds and 10,000 pounds of Feminized seeds.


FLURA is currently in the process of vertically integrating its operations which will allow us to dramatically expand the profitability of our cultivated hemp, while at the same time producing very profitable new streams of revenue.