Genius Fund is a nontraditional private equity group that builds businesses from the ground up. We are operators as much as we are investors. We deploy exclusively in emerging markets, or emerging segments of existing markets. Our focuses include agriculture, food and beverage, home and wellness, personal care, household goods, and more. Why do we prefer emerging markets? The introduction of new goods is often accompanied by waves of increased demand. We strive to be among the first suppliers, establishing ourselves as market leaders and building customer loyalty from the get-go.

It’s exciting to participate in the formation of new segments in the economy. We are building deep networks within our industries of operation and are constantly searching for top talent for our team and for partnerships. First-mover advantages can only be sustained by hard work from the brightest minds. To succeed, we must be able to expand our capability and capacity quickly. Our core values are honesty, integrity, and fairness. We also embrace transparency, meritocracy, and can-do spirit. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can create value. Then we roll up our sleeves and do it.