NisonCo Cannabis PR Claimed

A cannabis PR firm helping industry leaders start conversations that matter

NisonCo Cannabis PR and Cannabis Marketing is a combined powerhouse to getting exposure for your brand. 

NisonCo is rated as a top cannabis PR company that can get and keep your company in the news through an unmatched network of cannabis industry leaders, reporters, product reviewers, and social media influencers. We have developed over 3,600 active relationships with reporters and reviewers who cover cannabis and related products including CBD from nearly every major outlet across the country. Our team of over 20 employees is passionate about maintaining a positive image for the industry and our hyper-attentive approach generates fast results. In addition to our ability to get you in the news, we have social media experts, bloggers, content writers, marketers, and SEO consultants in-house ready to get you and your brand maximum exposure.

NisonCo Marketing grew organically out of our clients’ growing needs in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. As more states create come online to cannabis and advertising policies change, there is a evolving need to pursue an aggressive digital marketing strategy to take your place as an industry leader. Working together, a cannabis PR firm helping industry leaders start conversations that matter, and a cannabis marketing agency driven by a deep understanding of the cannabis industry NisonCo are experts in what we do.